Friday, September 02, 2005

Holding On: a DVD I have been looking out for...

At last!

Another one to tick off my grumble list. (Okay so it was released last month, but I'm not quite the kind of geek who checks every day for every main topic for updates).

Back when Our Friends in the North was winning plaudits everywhere, it seemed a tough act to offer another multi-stranded character-based drama so soon afterwards.

Somehow, "Holding On" (known in our house as "Our Friends in the South" - a name I am sure must have come from the Guardian) nevertheless won us over. Well, for a start it had David Morrissey in the lead role. We'd initially seen him in The Knock, the first series of which was actually rather good, and not long after he was again heartbreakingly good in Our Mutual Friend.

There's a nice piece about "Holding On" on Off the Telly but it is VERY SPOILER-ISH!

Still, if you watched "Our Friends in the North" and liked that, and didn't see this at the time, then see it now. Recommended.

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Sara said...

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