Monday, August 08, 2005

Yeah, and we went to see "Death of a Salesman"

... for me that would be "again".

So shoot me; it's a great play with a fantastic cast.


And he got his own raptuous round of applause. Nothing less than deserved.


Anonymous said...
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Just Jane said...

Hi Lisa,

Glad you had a good weekend.
I MUST see that play!

David Duff said...

"So shoot me".

Where's the gun?

'Saleman' is a confused, meretricious and sentimental sob-fest that only Walt Disney ever exceeded in the death of Bambi's mother. "Attention must be paid". Really? Why?

'justjane' would do better to see "Hedda Garbler", a grown-up play for grown-up people.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Eve Best is a fantastic actress, so I certainly wouldn't say to avoid Hedda Gabler even if it does come from the garbled mind that is David Duff [get the name of the play right at least].

Nevertheless, I stand by my passion and enthusiasm for Miller's work. Dennehy acts his socks off in this production which truly brings out the emotional damage brought about trying to play the game of capitalism.

Oh God, I just know that last remark will wind Duffman up, but I'm nearly past caring. If he will keep coming here then I'm not going to tone down my opinions just to suit him. "Attention must be paid" because too little attention is usually paid to those like Willy Loman.

Just Jane said...

As someone whose last trip to the theatre was to see the Lion King,and last cinema trip was to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I am flattered that David thinks I should see a grown up play for grown up people. I know I am going to let myself down now, but have to admit my interest in that particular play was rather more to do with Douglas, than with any intellectual content.

PS If you haven't seen the Lion King yet, book it today. Wonderful experience!

David Duff said...

'justjane' is the girl for me!

I went to a matinee of "The Lion King" and to my horror found the theatre full of 'kiddies'. The noise was unbelievable! The lights went down, and with them, my expectations, and the show began. Within minutes of the opening, what sounded like 10,000 children were utterly silenced and transfixed - including one big, grumpy child, yes, you guessed it! An extra-ordinary show in that the story was at the sentimental level of 'Death of a Salesman', the music was totally forgettable, but the creativity in the staging and the design was at genius level.

Even so, 'justjane', I do urge you to see the 'Hedda Gabler'. As a modern young woman 'enjoying'(?) the liberty of emancipated womanhood, you owe a huge debt to Henrik Ibsen. He was a disgusting, half-mad, old pig of a man, but was the first great influence in providing women with a 'get out of jail' card. Of course, he forgot to tell you all that the cruelest prison of all is liberty, but you are all learning that the hard way.

If it is true that the Devil gets the best tunes, he also gets the best plays, and Ibsen's are, for the most part, world-class, and 'Hedda Gabler' is one of the very best. It closes in the next few weeks so hurry, hurry! However, if you miss it, you can always come to my own production of "Ghosts" next year. After all, any friend of Lisa Rullsenberg is a friend of mine!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I have been at the mercy of some pretty twisted definitions of "friendship" over the years, but Duff's declaration certainly gets itself into the top ranks.

Just Jane - go see Douglas; he's wonderful!