Monday, September 05, 2005

6 music name checks

BTW, it was fun on Saturday to get up to hear 6Music having a mini-poll on PJ Harvey.

Text George to tell him about it; next thing I know, it's George's name being read out "... from sunny Aberdeen suggests the little known 'Perfect Day Elise'..." and we yelp over in Nottingham!

I leave a call on G's home phone to say we just heard him. Then send my own text of support for the track "from not so sunny Nottingham"

Only thing is that next receipt is a text to G to say they're doing a PJ Harvey selection on 6Music and that he had suggested "Perfect Day Elise"... erm...

Text back and it turns out he'd missed our texts and calls and had been in the shower when his name got mentioned!

Still, not long after we got our support read out so it all ended fine (shame that the track we suggested made second spot: but "Sheela-na-gig" is a great track too!)

And G: if you are quick, you could hear your name-check on "listen again" till end of Friday 9th.

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