Monday, August 17, 2009

Visit to London Summer 2009 - the photo post 2

Reverse appearance of posts (apologies for that) but here are some more lovely pictures from our recent London trip July 30-August 4.

List of posts about the trip:
  • 30-31 July - including a musical concert and much walking around London
  • 1 August - including exhibitions and lots of drinking
  • 2 August - including Spitalfields market and 'Helen' at the Globe Theatre
  • 3 August - including 'Time and the Conways' at the National Theatre
  • 4 August - including Waterhouse exhibition and 'Once Upon a Time in the West'

outside Spitalfields market near Hawksmoor's Christ Church
Me outside Spitalfields market near Hawksmoor's Christ Church.

Architectural developments in the area around Liverpool Street Station
Architectural developments in the area around Liverpool Street Station.

At British Museum
Hard to believe I know, but this shot of us was taken outside the British Museum. And here's the proof that behind the foliage and Neil was the facade of the British Museum!

At British Museum
See what I mean?!

Beach artists on the Thames, South Bank, London
Watching the beach artists creating wonderful pictures and items was great fun: flowers, even a pair of dogs were created from the sand as the Thames tide was out.

View from Oxo Tower, South Bank
Amongst the many things we did that were new on this trip, one was to go up the Oxo Tower. This may be a public right of way but it's hardly that well known. But on a sunny summery evening the view is well worth the trip.

Fortnum and Mason stairwell
Fortnum and Mason's round stairwell is a beauteous thing to behold.


Jane Henry said...

Will think of the OXO Tower on my next trip Londonwards. Thanks. Went up the top of St Paul's when you could and the views are fab.

We walked past the sand sculptors the other day, but they weren't doing anything very exciting. Still can't get my head round the sight of sand on the scummy Thames, but there you are. Next time we go I might send Spouse and the children down to create one of their magnificent sand dragons and see how much attention we get!

Jane Henry said...
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Jane Henry said...

Sorry don't why my comment came through twice, so I deleted it.