Friday, August 14, 2009

Visit to London Summer 2009 - the photo post 3

London's butterflies, parks, Lisa and Neil posing, and architectural improvements and demolitions! (Apologies that these posts are going up out of order... I will sort that!)

A beautiful butterfly in London's fair parkland.

Lisa posed alongside the Serpentine on a lovely summer's day.

As it was summer we made our pilgrimage to experience the Serpentine Gallery's pavilion installation.

Lisa and Neil in close-up reflection at the Serpentine Pavailion!

A sunny day walking past the Albert Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall.

Neil just could not resist having a go in the art installation (aka kids get wet for fun event) 'Appearing Rooms', installed at the Hayward Gallery again because it is such an irresistible delight.

The great Savoy Hotel on the Strand is being cleaned up and by the look of things, this is going to be a glorious restoration to its true beauty!

Regent Palace Hotel at Piccadilly being demolished (but with some elements left intact!)

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