Sunday, February 12, 2006

That Blogmeet in Manchester

... was such a success that I'm considering organising one for the autumn in Nottingham...

So book some time in September in your calendars and start arguing for your preferred dates of choice.

Anyway, it was TRULY wonderful. I didn't even get chance to talk to many people, but a jolly good natter was had by all. Cloud took a list of those present which you can find over at his place.

For a fabulous review and great pics the best place to visit would be Chern Jie's "Break of Information Overload". For those who like my stripes, you'll get an overload of those there as well!

I guess one of the biggest thank you's has to go to Clare, who was not only a wonderful hostess, but went to all the trouble of investigating places for chatting and cake and of course the amazing Efe's Restaurant (Cloud and I had been there many times years ago and the food was just as brill and inexpensive). Getting to meet her and Ally and Felix (and Dipsy) was like a crowning glow to the weekend.

Course, we got home utterly knackered - 2am chatting with great music has that effect even without the whisky! - and fit only to eat a second breakfast/brunch and collapse to watch Spartacus. Hence the delay on posting.

But it was great and we had a fab time. And we got to meet Norm!


Gordon said...

Blogmeets are great, and the Manchester one certainly seems to have gone well!

If you DO organise a Nottingham one, I'd suggest one thing (well two really).

Decide on date and venue yourself. And stick to your decision. Yes some people won't be able to attend, but it can be murder (said in best Taggart accent) if you open it up.

AnnaWaits said...

Glad the MancMeet was such a success :) And I'm sure you'd be brilliant organiser, so go for it!