Sunday, July 23, 2006

Strange graffiti

I've been meaning to post on this for some time now. We found this bit of spray painting on a local walkway in Nottingham.

Sexual confusion: photo by Rullsenberg

Let us call the subject of the writing X (we cut off the name from the pic, though it was scarcely visible) and the writer Y.

Spelling mistakes aside, accusing X in graffiti of being 'heterosexual' sounds a little odd, yes? Under what circumstances would Y scrawl that X "loves hetrosexuals"? Cloud and I imagined the possibility of a militantly gay gang outing one of their number: a kinda 'you're not really gay, you're just pretending'.

Or, alternatively, graffiti scribblers in Nottingham don't know what a hetrosexual (sic) actually is...

Still, what can you expect where in one of the underpass tunnels of a by-pass A-road someone has spray-painted in large letters the immortally existential slogan "why bother"?!

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Anonymous said...

It's the same lot as firebomb pediatricians