Saturday, July 08, 2006

Opening Line: 8 July 2006

Come on guys, this one you HAVE to get.

"Well it happened years ago, when you lived on Stanhope Road"

Ya'll don't get this, there is no hope!

UPDATE: Well done to Kerron who correctly identified this. Consolation kudos to EineKleineRob though.

Oh and by the way, my remark in the comments refers to the bite-your-lip gloriousness of the spoken-word video version of the song. It's the same as the second release video for the track (JC in that lime-green shirt!) but with a breathy spoken dialogue instead of the vocal singing track.



Rob said...

Well I knew it was Pulp, but faced with a choice between workingmy way through all the tiny tiny print on the CD liners and Googling I went for the easy option. So I'll leave it to someone else to get the right track. But I did know it was Pulp.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha, knew you would get that far.

If it helps anyone out there, there was one particular version of this song that was so utterly meltable to watch/listen to that a friend of mine actually fell over watching it.

The phrase sex on long legs comes to mind. That voice...

Kerron said...


I wanna take you home, I wanna give you children, and you might be my girlfriend. Etc.