Saturday, July 15, 2006

Opening line: 15 July 2006

"They cried the tears, they shed the fears up and down the land"

If it helps any, I would swear that (The) Arcade Fire ran off with a hint of this track on their album Funeral.

UPDATE: As I both hoped and expected this was nabbed by Reidski. As someone recently said "quite right too..."


Reidski said...

"They stole guitars or used guitars, so the tape would understand" - this song gives me the goosebumps as it's a real celebration of bands and music, without the interference of large corporations.
Hitsville UK by The Clash!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yeah! I really REALLY hoped you would get this!

I first heard it on a compilation tape by Cloud which he called "Derrida's Deconstruction" (no, really, it's fab) which had the following awesome track listing: She's in parties (Bauhaus), Ride a White Swan (T-Rex), Introduction to Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev), Atmosphere (Joy Division) [NB that seague really works!], How soon is now? (The Smiths), Slow Train to Dawn (The The), Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen), Sunshine Playroom (Julian Cope), Hitsville UK (The Clash), Clothes Shop (Terry and Jerry), More More More (Carmel), Mack the Knife (Ella Fitzgerald / Duke Ellington)

Now THAT'S what I call music! You can see why I loved him can't you?