Friday, July 28, 2006

Opening Line: 28 July 2006

"You called me last night on the telephone"

Awh, I LOVE this song.... Anyone know where this comes from?

UPDATE: awh shucks, sorry Moo! Cloudy Neil got this on the second attempt... Teenage Kicks? Really?! As evry ful know that begins with the immortal line "A teenage dream's so hard to beat, every time she walks down the street"


Holly said...

Gawd I dont know this one either! Give us a clue!?

Neil said...

Teenage Kicks by the undertones.

Neil said...

It was the rhythm going through my head and it does fit (well it does how I sing it!).

It's actually New York City by They Might Be Giants.

Neil said...

And the best thing about New York City is ... you and me!