Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dead Body Squad

Did anyone else watch Cutting Edge on Monday? How soon before the incredibly dry and witty Matt from the show about The Dead Body Squad gets offered his own TV show?

Scene: surveying the carnage of a flat where a guy had everything stored in his flat on the floor, including taking to peeing in countless cola bottles and carefully wrapping each poo in sheets of newspaper to be neatly piled up:
"You could definitely say his Dyson had packed up."

Scene: talking to some inquisitive under-tens about his job he explains his current recruitment drive:
"I'm looking for some children of your size to get into the small spaces I can't reach; are you interested in working Saturday mornings?"

Scene: complaining about the lack of people entering his profession of 'body-jobs' (clearing up decomposed bodies) and clearing houses of debris:
"Our recuitment drive at Eton this year didn't go too well... but we hope for better things from Oxford next year."
All delivered in a dead-pan voice. Genius.

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