Friday, July 21, 2006

Opening Line: 21 July 2006 (and a round-up)

Hi folks.

This has been going for a few days now so I thought I would offer you a daily line AND a round up of the story so far.

Today's opening song line:

"Between Marx and marzipan in the dictionary there was Mary"

That should be do-able...

Anyway, here's a round up of thed daily opening lines so far (and a note of those still outstanding and open for guesses - I've put those in bold):

5 July 2006: "One. She prefers the night to day." - My Life Story, "Twelve Reasons Why" guessed by Neil

6 July 2006: "The word is about, there's something evolving" - Propellerheads / Dame Shirley Bassey, "History Repeating" guessed by Scott Matthewman

7 July 2006: "La da di da, no one ever promised anything, no one ever promised you anything" - no guesses but I gave the answer in the comments. It's by Geneva "No One Speaks"

8 July 2006: "Well it happened years ago, when you lived on Stanhope Road" - Pulp "Babies" guessed by Kerron (but EineKleineRob did get it was Pulp but he couldn't place the track without googling...)

9 July 2006: "I can't sleep tonight, Everybody saying everything's alright" - Travis "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" guessed by Alan

10 July 2006: "It’s that time again when I lose my friends, go walkabout, I’ve got the bends from pressure" - James "Come Home" guesed by Stu_N

11 July 2006: "Straight lines that cut through the scene like you wanted to"
Oooh... this one still hasn't been got. Come on, I know at least ONE reader can get this...
UPDATE: thank you George... you didn't let me down!

12 July 2006: "Here I stand, head in hand, turn my face to the wall" - The Beatles, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" guessed by Kerron

13 July 2006: "I wanna know where the weather is cold" - David Thomas and Two Pale Boys "Man in the Dark" eventually (kinda) guessed by Neil

14 July 2006: "My story is much too sad to be told" - Ella Fitzgerald "I Get a Kick Out of You" guessed by Stu_N

15 July 2006: "They cried the tears, they shed the fears up and down the land" - The Clash "Hitsville UK" guessed (as hoped) by Reidski selected in honour of me and Neil meeting up with him and JJ

17 July 2006: "I guess I kinda sort of know I ought to be..."
No takers on this one yet.

18 July 2006: "Take me out tonight" - The Smiths/Magic Numbers "There is a Light and it never goes out" guessed by Will and Neil

19 July 2006: "All art is quite useless according to Oscar Wilde" - AHouse, "Endless Art" guessed by Reidski in proof of the fact that NOTHING is obscure if you know it

20 July 2006: "I'm the king's 32nd son" - Regina Specktor, "Oedipus" guessed by George

I'm rather enjoying this...


Jim Jepps said...

"Between Marx and marzipan in the dictionary there was Mary"

Billy Bragg - She's got a new spell (I think)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Right album. Wrong track!

George said...

11th July is clearly Blue Jeans by Ladytron!

Jim Jepps said...

Damn! I realised later I got the wrong track as I was singing it to myself.

But I can't remember... it's not something simple like "there was mary" is it? Oooo... I'm determined not to look it up.