Thursday, July 21, 2011

Busy busy busy - cultural events reviews so far and upcoming

Gah: more than half way through the year gone.

We started in February with the cultural schedule like this.

  • NT live! screening of Donmar Warehouse King Lear - review
  • National Theatre production of Hamlet at Nottingham Theatre Royal - review
  • ADDED - Estonian Piano Orchestra, London - review
  • Meal with work
  • Romeo and Juliet RSC Stratford - review
  • NT live! screening of National Theatre Frankenstein - review
  • ADDED - Yes, Prime Minister, Nottingham Theatre Royal
  • BAAS conference
  • Cricket - various
  • Avenue Q at Nottingham Theatre Royal - review
  • Macbeth RSC Stratford - review
  • Merchant of Venice RSC Stratford - review
  • ADDED - The League of Youth, Nottingham Playhouse - review
  • Much Ado About Nothing Wyndhams Theatre, London - 21st May and 4th June reviews
  • Opera North Carmen at Nottingham Theatre Royal - review
  • Belle and Sebastian - review
  • ADDED - Betrayal, Comedy Theatre, London - 4th June review (plus 9th July)
  • ADDED - The Pitmen Painters, Nottingham Theatre Royal - review
  • Dunsinane RSC Swan Theatre Stratford - review
  • ADDED - Graham Jones 'Last Shop Standing' - Lowdham Book Festival - review
  • ADDED - Jasper Fforde - Lowdham Book Festival - review
  • The house-sitting girls' weekend away - review
  • ADDED - Incendies - film review
With just one forthcoming event listed (Marat/Sade) for October when I did the list in February, I thought I better update both the list above and the forthcoming events!

  • Doctor Who Experience, Earls Court, London
  • Betrayal, Comedy Theatre, London (final visit)
  • Summer Sundae music festival
  • The Merchant of Venice, RSC Stratford
  • Marat/Sade RSC Stratford
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream, RSC Stratford
  • Written on the Heart, RSC Swan Stratford
Blimey... compared to the first half of the year, this is looking quite sparse! However, if it reduces the theatre deficit, that's a good thing... However, something to note is how shockingly rarely we've seen any live music this year (in terms of ye popular beat combos). Must rectify!


JoeinVegas said...

Wow. And all we get are casinos and tourists.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Awh: but we don't really get EITHER of those (certainly not so much of tourists in Nottingham...)

Take vicarious pleasure in the activities maybe?

chrissie_allen said...

Enjoy the rest of your events :-)
Great stuff.
Joe: I'm sure you get rather more than those two things in Vegas ;-)

Jane Henry said...

Wow. You put me to shame. I do have two of the same events on your list, having just seen Much Ado (too busy to blog, aaaggh!) and off to the Dr Who Experience in Aug. Funny that both are DT related...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha - hope you enjoyed Much Ado! :)

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