Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tennant Hairline - an 'unplanned' stage door encounter for Much Ado

So, we've had a mega long walk from South Kensington to Covent Garden where we pause to eat. I'm thinking it's about 9.45pm when we pass through St Martin's Lane near the back of Wyndham's Theatre. Consequently, my 'jokey' request to head to see how many fans are already loitering for her stage door exit isn't seriously thinking I can join them for the Tennant and Tate emergence.

Actually, the time is closer to 10.15pm which as all good Much Ado attendees will know is just close enough to the exit time to justify loitering...


The fact I had a 'spare' unsigned play programme with me in my bag is of course beside the point.

Neil stands back and lets me weave a space through, befriending (luckier and more organised) girls than I who had smartly bagged the first signing slots. Well at least I got the programme signed and proved that if you CAN get those perfect positions then it is possible to get a cracking photo with David/Catherine. If you come here and recognise this very happy American girl over here for the summer then do pass on the photo!

Sadly all I could manage was the Tennant hairline...!

And yet another blurry picture of delectable Catherine (what is it with my inability to stop camera shake on taking her picture?!)

Thankfully once I had climbed out of the melee, Neil said "I've done a video!"

Bless - it does capture the madness of the event! And at least it gave me the chance to get a programme signed for Chrissie!


chrissie_allen said...

How lovely to soak up that stage door atmos again. Fab pics and video, and gorgeous signed prog for me ;-) Thanks a million Rullsenberg!

JoeinVegas said...

Wow - that is quite a crowd out there

Persephone said...

Amazing! Sounds like hundreds of people going "Hooroo-hooroo-hooroo-hooroo" in high-pitched voices. Like a nature documentary!

S.Katz said...

HI! I'm the American girl in the picture with David Tennant. Funny story...i just happened to be bored searching pics of Tate and Tennant Much Ado pics on Google and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my picture with David on page 3! I was absolutely flabbergasted! I had no idea anyone else had taken a pic of us! Thank you so much for this! It was jolly good luck I happened to find it. Cheers!

Caleb said...

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