Sunday, February 18, 2007

Primeval episode 2

Good things about the second episode:

Bugs = Scary.

Not hating Connor quite so much.

Less Ben Miller - yeah! (Sorry, but that character and his dialogue SUCK).

Cutter = fluttering sigh...

Less good things:

Please sort the use of 'previously' - I'm pretty damn sure that several of the scenes in this week's previously were NOT from episode one. I haven't got THAT short a memory ITV1...

Also, I know in this DVD age it happens, BUT what is the excuse for using images to promote certain episodes which then didn't seem to be on the screen? You better have a good range of extras on the DVD folks (mind, I see that the Primeval "Behind the Scenes" has been certificated by the BBFC... Anyone willing to tape me ITV whatever when they screen that or can someone guarantee me that it will get to the DVD uncut?)


Anonymous said...

"Please sort the use of previously..." Totally agree it's a real mess up. Very annoying!

NYPD Blue often lets that happen...a lot too.

Entertaining stuff otherwise; apart that is from the Ben Miller
character perhaps. Yes.

Anonymous said...

This use of "previously" is not a bug, as they say, but a feature. It's often used, and deliberately, to fill in a bit of back story. They're not trying to fool you into thinking you've seen something: they honestly know they're showing you it for the first time, but it's stuff that fills in the background of an episode.

I thought it was a good episode, too.

Anonymous said...

Phew. Thanks for that - I thought it was only me. I was worried I might have missed an episode one-and-a-half or something when all those lines appeared in the 'previously'.

episode two was fun though. For an ex-London Underground employee it was second only to Creep for seeing things that really would not happen on the tube. Old petrol cans stored in side tunnels? Do me a favour!

And we all know they would not have let the soldiers in without a protection master, method statement, risk assessment, 3-hour meeting with the unions and 2-weeks' notice.

If you really want silly TV though, how about this week's Lost. What was that mysterious building oposite Portcullis House? What did they do with County Hall?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Skuds: on the matter of Lost I direct you to a fine discussion of the missing London buildings over at Medium Rob's place!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

I'M BLIND! I'M BLIND! Yes I am still going on about the torches. :)