Sunday, February 18, 2007

Belated links to George

Not sure WHAT was going on with my ability to keep up with blogs since I could have sworn I had been dropping by to check updates as well as having bloglines. So how come THIS post with oodles of FABULOUS Porto pics from George only just hit my radar...?

Was I losing my marbles? (No answers people, I can write my own jokes).

Wait, hang on... what's that next post...? "Bad Edit"? Seems it WASN'T me but rather that it had taken around a month for Blogger to allow him to update the blog having started the Porto post some time ago... Mind, it is SO jam-packed with LOVELY pics and YouTube videos... maybe Blogger got tired and emotional over all the port...?

Anyway, reading through G's posts you can also admire some very fine shelving (employment from this way beckons) and - of course - the promise of some very fine Munro shots from the 101st trek...

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