Thursday, February 08, 2007

Missed Wednesday bedlam... however... I don't wish to tempt fate ("what kind of luck have we had Ginger?") but there may POTENTIALLY be light at the end of various work-related tunnels. Something that has been dogging me all week (no, not in THAT sense!) may, just MAY, be laid to rest later today at least at the stage we have reached with it.

Of course, in the meantime, all manner of other merde moments are in my lap (metaphorically) not least has been my inability to get the plumber back to move my water tank and therefore sort out my back room/Neil's study. yesterday was a blur. Today hasn't been much better. Tomorrow we go to see Josie Long. Respite. Albeit that I need to organise my video recording for NCIS etc (after checking my recording of GMTV through from this morning... don't ask...)

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Matt_c said...

You deliberately recorded Fiona Phillips' patronising witch face?