Monday, July 02, 2012

Lost weekend... interrupted

Hey ho: ain't it the truth that life and death get in the way of things.

Never mind - we still had a good run at things this weekend.

Thursday night:

Fright Night (2011) - see a neat interview here with writer Marti Noxon, and another with David Tennant who plays Peter Vincent in the film
The Decoy Bride
- selected scenes from Harry Potter 4 (The Goblet of Fire)


French Film
If Only
- the shoot-out scene from The International (in the Guggenheim New York)

- the opening sequence from the Sherlock episode 'The Reichenbach Falls, and the end (*sob*)
Do You Remember The First Time? - Doctor Who Confidential for Blink
Primeval Season Two finale
Primeval Season 3, episode 3 (Dougie's final episode)
- selected scenes from Orphans

- listened to The Now Show

Hamlet (this took longer than the 3 hours to watch as we got distracted by Tennant's midriff and appendectomy scar - in no defense at all we had been drinking)


- the second half of A Good Year
- Tim's Story from Lawless Heart
- selected poems from 'Essential Poems to Fall in Love With'
- final 'year' sequence from This Year's Love (including the supermarket scene)
Final episode of Blackpool
- LA Confidential from when Exley asks Vincennes why he joined the police, and the story of Rollo Tomasi
- odds and ends (very short scenes from stuff)
- start of Anna Karenina episode one
Einstein and Eddington

.... and there proceedings were brought to a stop for this year.  It was good whilst it lasted and if H and I can get a day off together then who knows, we may yet get our annual pilgrimage to Venice and Casanova...

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