Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Killing - BBC4 (Saturdays from 23 January 2011)

Oh, this was an unexpected delight last night. The Killing - a cracking Danish thriller just started on BBC4 - slipped into our home last night and looks set to be one of the few things I will make an effort to watch/catch up on.

It was Cloud who spotted it listed in the schedules, and since we do have a penchant for Scandinavian writing/films/TV, we settled in to watch the first two episodes.

For a start, lovely to have a female lead --- BBC4, where is Spiral 3 while I'm on the subject of great female characters? - and I have to admit I'm always a sucker for a thriller with a political backdrop.

So, subject to using catch-up TV where necessary (because my weekends are pretty busy over the coming weeks), I'm going to be watching this. And loving it I think. Proper makes up for having no more Wallander to watch.

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JoeinVegas said...

Too bad you're not in the US, with 600 channels on cable and only one good one (BBC America). But you can waste hours just clicking through all of them.