Saturday, January 01, 2011

Seeing out the old year and seeing in the new

Neil had to work New Year's Eve, so that gave me and Helen Lisette a perfect chance to see the latest Harry Potter film - the 'getting-so-bleak' part one of the finale. Since HLW was the only person I knew who would go with me, it was a case of getting her better post-surgery so that we could venture out. Hurrah for friends eh?!

Back home and being thoroughly unimpressed by the TV schedule, New Year's Eve ended for Neil and I with a festive dose of noir with The Maltese Falcon. Utterly brilliant.

And since we couldn't make it down to London for the Bellowhead gig at RFH, it was a Bellowhead gig at home for us with a viewing of the Bellowhead Burlesque tour DVD. Foot-tappingly brilliant.

And THAT is how to see the new year in!

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Rob said...

Bellowhead were on the Jools Holland Hogmanay show. Though the Secret Sisters were even better.