Friday, January 14, 2011


Something is seriously wrong with the heating/cooling system. Today I have been mostly struggling for air --- the thermometer in the room I work in on Fridays hasn't been below 28 degrees all day (and that was with the door open). I know it's mild today but even so....

Usually we're fighting for heating to be put ON (hence why last year the complaints about the but this almost feels like a punishment to have the temperature so high. I'm sure my working environment shouldn't be this way. Given that 'dressing appropriately' according to the weather (and presumably the job) will almost certainly say a bikini is NOT appropriate, I think we can safely say 'thermal comfort' is not currently working successfully.

This incredibly new and efficient eco-designed building in terms of my office has no windows (nor even any natural light). I feel quite giddy from the heat.



JoeinVegas said...

Well, bikini might not be appropriate, but most of the blokes in your office probably wouldn't complain.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Thought you may say that, but it's an individual office so even if I fancied it, not many would appreciate it. ;)