Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sitting Tennant 2010 - Winners Announcement!

*Happy Skipping*

Ah, smut wins out - even if it did take Marie being absent in another continent to achieve it! Yes, the Sitting Tennant caption award for 2010 has been announced! After Erin C's magnificent win in the Sitting Tennant picture submission competition 2010 (with Sister Chastity close behind and myself tucked a little bit behind her), it was always going to be a close thing in the caption competition.

After due examination of all the captions, I can hereby pronounce that Ms Rullsenberg was the winner of the Christmas caption competition and gets 10 points. That means that the overall scoreboard for 2010 is…

Marie, Rullsenberg: 280
Toby: 225
Electric Dragon: 210
Dani: 110
SK: 90
Jane Henry: 75
ecg: 50
Rachel: 45
whogal: 35
Joe B: 30
Sabine, Virpi: 25
theriverlady: 15
kellyann06, Sister Chastity, Alex, Paul Ebbs: 10
George: 5

Yes, both Marie and Ms Rullsenberg are the winners, with Toby and Electric Dragon valiant second and third-places: congratulations to them all for their dedication to the art of captioning David Tennant sitting down in all manners of places and positions! Would anyone like to suggest a prize for Marie, Ms Rullsenberg and Erin C?

As always, a great big thank you to everyone who not only provided pictures but captioned them as well, providing epic amounts of fun for people around the world, both commenters and non-commenters alike. You've what made Sitting Tennant the success it is.

Awh, Sitting Tennant's success is legendary - it was created from Marie's demand for more pictures of David Tennant way back in April 2008 (as late as that?! Mind, there'd been much commenting for 'more David Tennant pictures for a good while before that!). And it was included in the notable features when The Medium Is Not Enough was promoted on the Guardian Technology Pick of the Week.

It's been a blast - I'd love it to continue, though I also know how much work is involved for all who contribute (and especially for lovely Rob who copes with the innundations of pictures). With annual changes to the regulations to keep things spicy, Rob has been kept well on his toes trying to manage the random cpationing and imge overloads submitted in his direction --- with that AND all the smut generated, well it is amazing he is still sane!

Sitting Tennant - 2008 winners
Sitting Tennant Caption - 2009 winner
Sitting Tennant Picture - 2009 winner


Rob Buckley said...

Well done! You put the work and creativity in, you get the reward!

Jane Henry said...

I'd love it to continue. I'm worried you've found all the photos though(-: