Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tearjerkers Meme

Medium Rob knows how to make good memes and this week is tearjerker movies. Where to begin?! Well actually, I've visited this topic back in 2005 in Moments in Movies That Make Me Cry, and apart from 'The Lives of Others' that Marie eloquently writes about, the only other recent-ish movie I can actively recall making me cry was 'Goodbye Lenin' (another German movie).

Still, my problem in recalling titles is probably more to do with faulty recall and a default 'sob' setting in me than any lack of crying from watching stuff. Bought up on Saturday afternoon movies on TV (every one a bucket of tears) and trained in musicals and narrative songs, tears have been almost a way of life for me with popular entertainment. Mum was a weeper and so was I. It took me many years to work out that there even were any Bette Davis movies that didn't make me cry so adapted was I to her appearance symbolising the forthcoming tearfest. And I've frequently not only blubbed my way through movies but also afterwards in recounting movies to others or even reading about them.

Still, perhaps reflecting the nature of Medium Rob's blog and our incapability at sticking to boundaries, the comments at this meme have inevitably wandered into the realm of TV. Once you have that expansion in mind, additions start clocking up fast.

Let us first note that Joss Whedon and the team have caused the drowning of my sofa with my tears on innumerable occasions. Indeed, as regular readers will know, I simply cannot read the TWP synopsis review for the Buffy episode The Prom without bawling, and The Body reduced both me and George to tears just through us talking to each other on the phone about the episode (don't you deny it G!). Don't even get me started on Doyle's departure in S1 of Angel, or the final Fred arc of S5 up to the finale.

Jaradel and Jane Henry amongst others have nailed some of the key Tennant TV blub-moments, but I do think it is worth acknowledging that the man does have an uncanny attraction to/appeal for projects with high emotional factors. And damn, he can make them work and he cries very well himself.

Dickens is likely to bring out the tears (Bleak House? Our Mutual Friend?) and an apt choice of tune is also going to help turning on the waterworks (Bach's Cello in The West Wing?). Whilst I am easily moved though, I was interested to note that Marie spotted a trend in her trigger points to be 'I didn't get to tell him / her in time". Now THAT'S one I can identify with and I'm certainly predicting tears once I catch up with the finale of NCIS this weekend.

Now, I better stop before I start blubbing but if I get home and look at my shelves I'm certain to identify more tear-stained DVD covers.

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