Friday, May 08, 2009

"Did you... like my flowers?" - a missing TV moment

I have been duly chastised by Chrissie this morning for having failed to include perhaps THE most favourite and treasured of my TV moments. Its one I am sure I have mentioned before (I may have to check how often or if its just been referenced in email exchanges), since it involves Dougie Henshall. I hadn't forgotten it - it was just it seemed so obvious and very me that I wasn't sure airing it again was reasonable.

Anyway, it comes from episode 3 of Psychos, when Dr. Danny Nash sweeps 'Katekins' off her feet in the staff room as he's manically dancing and asks her 'did you like my flowers?' (she'd mistakenly thought they were from her incredibly staid boyfriend). It was probably THE moment which totally turned my head and stomach for the conviction of Henshall's acting, and remembering it makes me weep all the more for the absence of a DVD release of the series.


Jane Henry said...

Aah, and you've reminded me of one of my favourite Green Wing moments - when Mac and Caroline leave the hospital and look at each other and then kiss. Aaah. Sooo romantic. Also the moment when Caroline says, You know what I mean and he says, I've always known what you mean. THAT's the way to write romantic dialogue. Am always trying to emulate it!

chrissie_allen said...

Way to go Lisa!
Oh, that is such a gorgeous scene!

Yes- mucho sighing at the lack of the series on DVD. Amazing!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh JH, yes, Green Wing -- I should have found space for one of those. Sue with her lion stuff? Anything with mac and caroline (though that moment is a doozy)... ah, brilliant stuff!

And Chrissie - you can now stop chastising me!! ;)