Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cruise of the Gods - why did it take us so long to watch this?

Cruise of the Gods originally aired back at Xmas 2002, with a DVD release the following year.

How did we miss that?

We meant to watch it; we've meant to watch it on re-runs: yet somehow we kept missing it. As the years passed, its potential amusement quotient rose in direct proportion to the number of DVD boxsets I purchased and the range of academic research / fan-fiction I was reading. And I really should have taken my reading 'Wiffle Lever to Full' as a sign to watch Cruise of the Gods immediately.

I failed.

But, many things will arrive at their appropriate destination eventually and so it was that last night we watched Brydon and Coogan and Corden et al bring all-too-deftly to screen some of the excruciatingly familiar tropes of (sci-fi/cult TV/cult movie) fandom such as:

  • banal questioning of guests
  • costume wearing
  • attention to detail by fans beyond that of even most methodical continuity checking of writers, actors, directors etc.
It was all done with incredible affection though - or at least I felt so - and as such it made us laugh and appreciate its targets all the more.

And, despite the fact that no doubt 'Children of Castor' was rubbish, I couldn't help wanting to have watched more of it. Which probably says everything about me you need to know.


chrissie_allen said...

Yes it is fab. I almost like it as much as Galaxy Quest! And A cock and bull story, which isn't the same genre I know, but is as under appreciated. In my view anyway.
Tippy- toes quietly away........

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Thought I'd look and see what someone is writing just down the road, so to speak. good luck.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Welcome Ken! Not sure how far 'down the road' I am, but howdy!

Chrissie: you know what, I still haven't watched galaxy quest either (I really REALLY should have!). Even more shamefully - and there is no need to tippy-toe away! - I haven't yet watched Cock and Bull Story either. Gah. I suck at movie watching!

chrissie_allen said...

You SO do not suck at recommending good films though. You just don't get time in abundance to watch them!
Hmmm, I can think of a number of fab movies in whose direction you have pointed me ;-)