Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Favourite TV moments: MediumRob's weekly meme

MediumRob's weekly meme this week asks for 'favourite TV moment'. Well, that's not at all difficult to decide upon. And though Stu ran off with some of my favourites before I even found the meme, I'll try and conjure some thoughts:
  • The Labour 1997 election victory (and being optimistic enough to hope that it would mean better things ahead: sigh. Not quite everything we wanted...)
  • The punch at the end of 'This Life' (still gives me a thrill)
  • The Doctor saying 'wish me luck' when he goes back through the fireplace and Madame de P saying 'no' - The Girl in the Fireplace (guts me every time)
  • When Skye and the Doctor change synchronisation - Midnight (shudder)
  • [PLEASE NOTE: I'm stopping there because even though I could come up with a long list of DW choices, not least from recent years, it seems unfair to do so]
  • The scene of Harry Perkins onscreen resignation not quite going as the establishment intended - A Very British Coup (just thoroughly brilliant TV)
  • The 'its the devil!' scene on the Blackpool tram in 'Funland' (for making cloven hooves seem so hilarious)
  • The dance-off to "These Boots are Made for walking" - Blackpool! (for putting two of my favourite actors in the same frame: an action not topped by The Next Doctor)
  • The upright tax man Shaun losing his moral compass in the travel agency in 'Our Friends in the South' aka 'Holding On' (David Morrissey's face as he falls for the hapless sales girl in the travel shop is priceless)
  • Josh Lyman's 'secret plan to fight inflation' discussion with the White House Press room- Celestial Navigation (priceless hilarity in a gem of an episode)
  • Giles' returning to slap down Dark Willow: "I'd like to test that theory" - Two to Go (not least because they'd kept the return out of admitted pre-blogs-go-stratospheric net world)
  • Spike's hair-focused analysis of Angel - In the Dark (just hysterically funny)
  • [Please note: I could have had a lot of Buffy/Angel moments and that is before we get to Firefly]
  • The shocking end of season One of 'The Sandbaggers' (still amazes me after all these years - my mum and I sat open mouthed)
  • The explanation of family history and a photograph at the end of 'Shooting the Past' (because as a photography fan who loves stories it makes me fuzz with glee)
  • The scene with the depressed priest in 'Father Ted' where the "Theme from Shaft" transforms his demeanor, only for Radiohead to bring him down again
So that's my list. I better stop there or I will be thinking 'oh that was great!' for the rest of the night...

PS update to include perhaps my MOST favourite, which I really should have included despite its obviousness....

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Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

When Skye and the Doctor change synchronisation - Midnight (shudder)

One of those 'lordy, RTD really is great despite the dodgy moments' moments!