Sunday, October 27, 2013

Veggie cottage pie a la Rullsenberg and Roberts

Why it took us so long to cook this up is beyond me.

We love thick tomato based sauces and I especially love mashed potatoes.

So this is our recipe for veggie cottage pie.

Olive oil
Garlic - crushed or lazy
One lemon juiced
Grated cheese (for topping)
Butter for mashing potatoes
Milk (or a splash of creme fraiche) to add to potatoes
Potatoes / sweet potatoes
Pepper (capsicum)
Chickpeas (tin)
Chopped tomatoes (tin)
Mushroom sauce / Worcester sauce (depending on veggie or non-veggie-ness)

Chop 2 moderate sized potatoes and chop and peel a good sized sweet potato.  We leave the skins on the standard potatoes. Boil water and add to pan to boil. Meanwhile...

In a large pan add some olive oil, paprika and garlic - start heating this up.  Fry up diced onions and carrot in the pan and once you have the initial frying done, sweat them by turning down and adding the lid.

Chop additional veg - we added mushrooms and a pepper and cooked these up, stirring to mix the pan contents. Add lemon juice as and when (1/2 a lemon). Add a tin of chickpeas (or alternative pulses) and a tin of chopped tomatoes.  Add rest of lemon juice and some mushroom sauce (or if non veggie,  Worcester Sauce).

Whilst this cooks on a moderate temperature to thicken slightly, your potatoes should be getting done.

Put oven on a high heat.

Drain potatoes when done and mash with butter initially adding creme fraiche /milk near the end.

Pour tomato and veg into large deep pot for the oven and even out in the base.  Add potatoes on top and smooth off before forking the surface to create ridges - add cheese.

Cook in a hot oven for approx 15 mins before placing under a grill to crust off the cheesy top.

Enough to serve two greedy people, with at one day of left overs, or a family of four-six depending on appetite and side dishes (goes nice with green veg).


JoeinVegas said...

Oooo - cooking with Lisa! Thanks for an idea!

plasterers bristol said...

Yummy cottage pie is an old school favorite, thought i'd look for some different recipes....Thanks for sharing...