Friday, March 22, 2013

Neverwhere - Radio4

For those who have not yet indulged, and I count myself as one as yet because life is seriously getting in the way of everything at the moment (hence the brevity of FB over blogging), I wholeheartedly recommend listeing to Neverwhere which is available everywhere on the BBC Radio iPlayer.

Nevewhere had a longer opening play length piece and then subsquent episodes this week but will be available until next Friday (29 March).  Neverwhere has also had the full-on BBC treatment online.

The radio cast is a totally 'to die for' collection and makes the hapless TV production attempted in the 1990s seem rather forlorn.

Of course, to get the full dramatic impact, the book by Neil Gaiman is the place to start - and even the graphic novel version is worth a gander (though I know that is a divisive opinion).

But this dramatisation for radio is near perfect.  Great casting, Gaiman involved.  And with radio the perfect level of re-imagining in the listeners' heads in a way that the TV series could never quite capture.

A CD release please?  Pretty please BBC?


JoeinVegas said...

I listened to the first episode and all I could do was compare it to the original. I have the first TV version on DVD and rather like it.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Aha! Someone who recalls - indeed owns the original tvseries. Bless it, itwas well intentioned but I must admit this radio versionwas superb. After a great day yesterday we've sat inthe kitchen today and devoured the lot in a sitting. Delicious!