Thursday, March 28, 2013

Man Ray @ National Portrait Gallery London

I wasn't sure if we would have time but I was so glad we could fit in a trip to the NPG to see the Man Ray Portraits exhibition. It's a gem of a show and a total indulgence for me.

With images of all the Surrealists and other artists of the period, and of course my Peggy... well, we had to see the show.

This image was a TINY, tiny original print, and the shop-sold A2-ish sized poster version wasn't the greatest exposure/copy.  But it's Peggy.  And you know....  Well, I still love her even after writing my doctoral thesis on her.  You can see other images from the same sequence that Man Ray took if you search online for Man Ray Peggy Guggenheim.

Who'd have guessed...?!

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JoeinVegas said...

I thought you would have.