Wednesday, October 10, 2012

46 years on the planet

It's my birthday!

Okay, I don't actually have this cake, but I can imagine it right?!

Thank you to everyone who has already been so kind to me: Neil and I got a magnetic photo frame and an owl cover cover from the New Zealand gang; and I need to bank the little cheque from Neil's ma.  Chrissie sent me the most adorable donkey to sit on my bookshelves (rather like my pukeko that I got in NZ), a little fridge magnet with a polarbear on 'pacing myself' (definitely me this morning), and fab glitzy brooch of a crown (for being queen of the mix-tape/CD).  Awesome!

The lovely George and Sonia, Xavi and Max (our friends in the north) sent a brilliant looking CD Lisboa Mulato by Dead Combo.  Looking forward to hearing that in full:

I've also had a great pair of red heart earrings from Caroline at work (wearing them today!) and more besides!

Mostly though I'm very lucky to have so many good friends and nice people around me.  Their friendship and kindness are the things that keep me going.  Everything about what they say and do makes it all worthwhile!

I've had cards with the following on:

  • cute wet kitty wrapped in a towel (from Neil - cat as Yoda)
  • shoes
  • flip-flips
  • teddy bear
  • shopping
  • headphones with an incredible list of music genres identified (guess who sent that?  Yup, the Guiness Dude himself, G-man!)
  • a Tardis (from my fellow sci-fi geek colleague, along with what he guarantees me will be "a winning lottery tickey" - will definitely share if it is!)
Now, what does that little collection tell you about me?

BTW, if tonight we don't end up watching through to the season 1 finale of Fringe, I will be very surprised.  if I am very lucky I may sneak in the s1 finale of Angel before we 'Fringe-it' but am loving it all so much!

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JoeinVegas said...

It's your birthday, watch what you want. Happy Birthday!