Friday, September 07, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks - a belated spoilertastic review comment

So - here's the thing. My internet connection has been poop lately. So I've been wanting to write about how much I totally loved the first ep of the new Doctor Who series. But the net is up down up down.

Spoilers ahoy and hope this loads.









SO.....OSWIN! wasn't she great?! Totally wasn't expecting to be there yet - she's the next companion to come post-Ponds. The whole thing with the souffles was... so "oh... why didn't we think that?" It was great how despite everything I didn't see how "eggs..." would extend. And the brilliant mind of Oswin was glorious.

As evidence of how it connected with us Neil and I have spent the week debating what timey-wimey magic Moff will throw at the story to retrieve Oswin from being a Dalek. (And no I didn't see that coming).

We sat transfixed throughout the ep. To my mind it was a cracking opener. I'd watched Pond Life ahead of the ep - Neil didn't unless he wasn't telling me something - and despite Chibnall characteristics I thought they'd set up the ep really well. You didn't NEED the Pond Life mini-ep but it added to the poignancy. And you would hace to have been hard of heart indeed to not find your eye wet at the line "I didn't throw you out - I gave you up".


Ooh... I got proper weepy at that and again with the revelation of Oswin. Great too about the Daleks forgetting. Its all blank slate (until Oswin turns up?!)

And this week ...?


Chibs. Doing Primeval.

Oh well. It was goid while it lasted. Am sure I'll still love it.


JoeinVegas said...

I came in late and missed the start, so just picked it up in the middle. A bit confusing, but here BBC does a three hour cycle and I just stayed up 'til midnight and caught the whole thing. I thought it very good.
And yes, will she come back as a girl or as a dalek companion? Swoop in with the Tardis as the planet explodes and rescue her?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I think it would be ROCKING to have her as a Dalek companion but that may be a step too far. But wow - wouldn't THAT be incredible? Especially as they don't know the Doctor is an enemy. But then... well, there is the whole problem of Daleks like to kill things...!