Monday, September 17, 2012

Nottingham arboretum 31 August 2012

Neil at Nottingham Arboretum

Sunny Nottingham Arboretum

Lisa at Nottingham Arboretum: place of my youth!

Lisa with bags and stripes

Flower displays at Nottingham Arboretum

When I was a child, we lived walking distance away from the Nottingham Arboretum (although for my little legs it was a bit too far to walk - hence daddy drove us there).  I used to love running about the flower displays, watching the action on the Band Stand and enjoying the birds and other creatures in the cages.

Yes: the cages.

They are still there and some birds are still kept there, but the 'mini-zoo' like qualities of the site deteriorated like the general ambiance of the place.  Until recently, the site was a less than pleasant place to visit - a bit too close to the haunts of drug dealers and sex workers and certainly not a place to visit on a dull day.

Some planting and judicious improvements have at least made it a more enjoyable place to re-visit on a sunny day and it was lovely to trace my steps again past the beautiful birds.

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