Friday, May 18, 2012

the never ending shower saga...

Seriously considering weeping: have been without a functioning electric shower since end of March / beginning of April. 
  1. needed to contact an electrician - took til just pre-Easter. 
  2. needed new shower
  3. needed to order new shower - with Easter and trips this took til end of April to arrange delivery / collection. 
  4. plumber advised when trying to install that actually original shower should never have been fitted as wrong power level for the wiring [so could not fit as would not have been safe] 
  5. needed to return newly purchased shower for refund 
  6. needed to contact NEW and different supplier for the most suitable shower 
  7. needed electrician to collect this [as outside of area and opening hours didn't allow us to collect]
  8. hurrah today electrician came with shower to install.

Problem: faulty valve in shower - manufacturers need to come and deal with it.

Result: still no functioning shower.

Thank heavens we actually have a bath.

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