Friday, May 18, 2012

Further Thoughts on 'The Bridge' - our latest Scandi passion

Loved this comment from Heasgarnich on the Guardian's weekly round-up blog on The Bridge:
You know, watching this makes me worried for a potential remake of this. The US Killing was absolute shit-on-a-kebab-stick-roasted-in-the-fires-of-Mordor. Could you imagine a British version of The Bridge? *shudder*
BWAH! I wasn't convinced by the US version of The Killing, but that may be a tad harsh.  Nevertheless, this made me chuckle much.

I won't say too much here as some are watching this on a different schedule - I know at least one friend who has banked the episodes for a marathon watch next week - but so far we've had five social problems explicitly challenged (by means of death/threatened death), more herrings than a herring farm, and the ever adorable Saga Noren fast becoming one of my favourite ever female characters.

One small thing: the subtitling.  Admittedly, most of our criticisms come from immersion in Scandi-drama and attention to the narrative rather than us learning Swedish or Danish, but some of the translations have been ropey or plain wrong (both literally - the subtitles switched references to Eckwall as having been a politician before she was a prosecutor, which should have been the other way around - and also just in terms of sense - Saga says something that clearly SOUNDS like 'if I'd have had sex i'd have said I had sex' but which got translated into something else entirely which made almost no sense at all).

Anyway, we're loving it.  Roll on the finale of The Bridge!

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