Monday, May 14, 2012

Alex Ferguson's begrudged acceptance of 'Man City time'

After many MANY years of notorious quantities of 'Man United time' (a.k.a. ludicrous levels of extra time being played until Manchester United got the required result), Sir Alex Ferguson now bemoans that Man City had a similar thing enabling them towards yesterday's Premier title win.

"Everybody expected City to win, but they did it against 10 men for half an hour and with five extra minutes to help them," Ferguson said, somewhat pointedly. "But I congratulate City on winning the league. Anybody who wins it deserves it."
Hmm. Good to give the congrats, but not so good the pot/kettle routine about the extra time.  'Cos you, dude, Mr Manchester United, have never benefitted from an abundance of extra time being offered, eh...?!

Still - at least after 44 years Man City fans can finally shut up about the title race.  They won by chucking stacks of money at it, and STILL nearly didn't make it.  But anyway: Marc Riley will be happy...

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