Sunday, November 27, 2011

TV of 2011 - highlights from the Rullsenberg/Roberts household

A bit early yet I know, and there have been other things I've enjoyed this year on TV, but these are my personal awards for the year. And you'll spot No Downton Abbey. Sorry. Not my cuppa, as much as I love the frocks.

Best International programme
So back in January 2011 The Killing crept into our house and took our hearts. Sarah Lund for heroine of the year? Enjoying Forbrydelsen II but the roller-coaster of the first series swept us away.

Best Documentary
Educating Essex - Although this hit me during my erratic period of not blogging much, this was certainly documentary of the year without a doubt. Broke my heart every episode with its honesty and humanity (as I commented on FB). Best advert for comprehensive education ever.

Update: and an honourable mention for The Agony and the Ecstasy about the English National Ballet - beautiful and agonising in equal measure.

Best Fantasy Drama
The Fades - It almost felt too good to be true when it started. It was like it ticked EVERY possible box for Rullsenberg. Gothic horror? Check. Teen Drama? Check? Name-checks and hat-tips to fantasy, sci-fi, horror? Check, Check, Check. It could have been too formulaic for its own good, but instead it was charming and horrific in the best ways possible. A second series would be lovely - but this was too perfect to damage if it means a drop in quality.
  • Honourable mention for Being Human season 3, which intermittently presented us with the sort of gory glory it should have had all through the season.
Update: Best Conspiracy Drama
The Shadow Line - although Hidden was very enjoyable, it was lightweight compared to the density of The Shadow Line. With wonderfully atmospheric music (courtesy of Emily Barker's "Pause"), sound and photography, along with some cracking performances - Eve Best, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chris Ecclestone, Stephen Rea, Lesley Sharp, Antony Sher, Rafe Spall and more - it proved a tense highlight of the television year.

Best ongoing series setting up for the future
Doctor Who - As you will know I applauded at the end of "The Wedding of River Song". After a season that included such pleasures as the super-creepy Silence, the magnificent Neil Gaiman's beautiful "The Doctor's Wife" (and its companion Confidential episode, a work of pure pleasure), the punch-the-air revelations of "A Good Man Goes to War", the madness of "Let's Kill Hitler" and all the heartache around Rory and Amy, well.... anyway, suffice to say I'm so excited by the prospect of the Xmas special it almost hurts.


Jane Henry said...

Completely missed the Killing and don't think we'll ever catch up now (these are the people who've had The Wire sitting around for two years:-) Also missed Educating Essex. But LOVED the fades. Especially Daniel Kaluuya, who is a future shining star I think. He was fantastically funny (also very good in Johnny English 2), but loved all the characters. I would love to see series 2, if only to find out how Paul copes with having said to Jay he'd save her, and then... not. I think her Fade is going to be mighty pissed off.... Am devastated George will be leaving Being Human, but I guess it's inevitable. Sigh...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I'm just there were at least TWO households that watched The Fades!

And yeah, I WAS sorry about George and Being Human: like I said I immediately thought of you!