Sunday, November 27, 2011

Albums I cannot believe I do not own: an occasional series

Drifting as I am through my music collection at the moment, updating the CDs on my computer and revelling in re-filing the shelves, I'm looking at all the things that seem to be absent. I'm therefore baffled to discover we own Amy's first album "Frank" (a fine work anyway), but why this and not also the magnificent Back to Black?


Skuds said...

I recently realised that while I have 2 or 3 dozen reggae CDs I have none by Bob Marley. I didn't even have any vinyl - though I did have a Ziggy Marley LP.

I feel I should go and download Catch A Fire immediately.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Isn't it bizarre what gets missed? I mean between us, I would think we cover most things but even with our broad and eclectic collections, it is possible to find holes in our acquisitions.

Enjoy Bob M.

Jane Henry said...

Get it now!!:-)xxx

Kris said...

Not sure that this is surprising. If an album is ubiquitous--played everywhere--do you buy it? I don't. But, it is an album I see myself buying down the line... or borrowing from the Notts library... which has a very good popular music collection.