Thursday, May 03, 2007

Remaking the TV schedules just for me

Apparantly with the Troubled Diva annual event of importance Eurovision Song Contest taking place next week, the episode originally scheduled for 12 May will now be shown the following week.

Two thoughts:

ONE: thank you BBC as I am off to London to the Donmar Warehouse to see "Kiss of the Spiderwoman" with my friend Lisette. Saves a whole load of video setting and Cloud hassling difficulty.

TWO: just how fucked off must Doctor Who magazine be getting with all these threatened and then actual pissing around with the schedules?


JoeinVegas said...

Oh, it's European Idol time again. I loved the groups last year, too bad all I can get are the poor quality internet posts. I would love to see the shows in a better way.

Rob said...

But surely you'll still have to set the video for Eurovision?

I had an amusing conversation yesterday while booking a van for delivery of instruments for our concert on Saturday 12th. I know the van guy pretty well, and he uit was that reminded me that I'd be missing Eurovision to play Berlioz. Then we ended up discussing the British entry, and Terry Wogan's appalling gaffe when announcing the winner of Making Your Mind Up (with only two to choose from, he announced the wrong one). Then we got to discussing Scooch's marvellously camp double-entendres. Oh we had fun. Yes, he is gay..... though what MY excuse is I'm not sure.

But yes, I intend to video it.

Joe: you can certainly buy CDs of all the entries each year, so maybe there are DVDs too?