Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Eloquence" redefined as willingness to pilfer ideas from other blogs and create short posts...

Thanks for the hugs, the stripes, and all manner of other responses.

Sometimes it just gets a bit much. Restructuring at work; reorganising and shifting stuff; finishing off tasks before the summer; trying to not feel guilty about taking more of my holiday entitlement; being as thoughtful and kind as I can muster with all the students; and wondering how the bejeesus the house next door can be on sale for just a few quid shy of 200,000 GPB. I mean, I love my house, and their house is in fine nick in terms of renovations which is more than can be said for the stagnated position we've ended up in, and our street is dandy and close to good schools (the biggest selling point round here). But it is still Stabo.

And its a small thing really as I know it's been agreed, but I would also like to get my new work contract in paper form in my sticky paws.

Oh well. Getting there. I'm heading into some short blog link updates.

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