Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You can download Laura Cantrell singing with Ballboy "I lost you (But I Found Country Music)"

Strolling the net, I found that Laura Cantrell's own site let's you download this for your listening pleasure: it's her wonderful duet with Gordon McIntire of the Scottish band Ballboy singing the Ballboy track "I Lost You (But I Found Country Music).

A brilliant song made even more glorious by the lovely Ms Cantrell.


Anonymous said...

I recommend it heartily.

And while we're (yet again) on the subject of that compilation tape, I've just found the (not yet mentioned) track that your CD made me think of. It was the cat-lady-licking-leg track, reminded me of another track I know, about a woman spotted in public with parrot-poo all down her back.

But I couldn't remember who it was by, what it was called, or where I knew it from.

Until just now, when I uploaded it into my iPod from yet another compilation CD made for me by another online friend.

Anyway, the track is called A Somewhat New Medium, by MC Paul Barman, and I heartily recommend it also.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I'll look out for it!