Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Trawling the archive: a shout-out to Dave from Ohio and DC in Poland

I've just had a really great anonymous message left on an ancient blog post of mine (from Feb 9th last year).
Pretty amazing I stumbled upon your blog, because I was Googling for precisely that song because it's been haunting me for about a decade now. Someone put that song on a comp that I borrowed, then failed to return, then lost track of the person (I fully intended to return it; but I think they had all the stuff that was on the tape, so I don't feel too bad). The comp tape had no track listings whatsoever, so I only could recognize the old Sebadoh stuff, but THIS song has really stuck with me - now I can finally track it down - THANKS!!!

-Dave (from Ohio & DC), in Poland
Now THAT'S the sort of thing that makes doing this worthwhile! Dave, if you're out there, I am thrilled to have been of service!

Although.... dammit, it's just reminded me that this track ISN'T (yet) on the next compilation I am putting together. Must rectify that!

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