Friday, February 01, 2013

San Francisco - late arrivals and rain, but still a stunner

The plan had been we left Auckland at 7.30pm their time and arrive in San Francisco at 10.30am their time (wooo - time travel).

It didn't work out that way.

Our plane was delayed by 14 hours - a mechanical fault meant that by the time we arrived from Christchurch to the International Departure lounge at Auckland, the signs read 'NowFri'.

At least we didn't have an immediate connection: for us, getting a hotel, evening food, and a breakfast at the airport the next day was great.  A minor inconvenience.  For others, it was a disaster: I did not envy the lass travelling on from New Zealand summer to the heavy winter climate of Chicago (snow and gales).

Of course, what the delay did mean was that instead of arriving mid-morning, with the hopes of being on Market Street by about lunchtime, we actually arrived at the hotel about 12.30am/1am.  And although initially I didn't get why Neil was asking if we could get anything to eat, I soon found myself empathising for some food intake.

When we walked out the hotel (in-room service finished at 12 midnight) to one of the recommended nearby diners, we were delighted to discover that it was a branch of Lori's!

Oh man - I *lurve* Lori's Diner.

So it was that (appropriately) about 2am we were sat eating burger and fries in The Night Owl* Lori's Diner on Mason.  And it tasted like the best food ever.

We enjoyed plenty of walking in SF, a nice ride on a cable car (on the outside!  soooo cool!) and plenty of good food.  And bookshops.

Oh look: it's NOT the Flatiron!

My new favourite bookshop in the world: Green Apple Books.  Just beautiful as a shopping experience for booklovers!

Lisa Rullsenberg enjoying the bizarre qualities of the Palace of Fine Arts, SF

This chocolate pot desert at Troya on Clement Street (near Green Apple Books) was heavenly!

Food and resting at Lori's Diner (not our 2am visit)

We hadn't booked, so Greens turned us away :(

 Down came the rain at one point....

But despite variable weather we were a happy couple at Calzone's!

* Just a little reference to a much watched film

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JoeinVegas said...

Sunshine and rain - you got the best of SFO!