Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh to be in New Zealand... now the Rugby World Cup final looms

After Scotland were sadly knocked out early, England shamed everyone with numpty behaviour (wouldn't wanna be Tindall going home to see the in-laws right now), and Wales were harshly beaten by France (by heck, Sarkozy must have been thinking 'I've better things to do than globe-trot to watch odd-shaped balls being chucked about: I've a European economy to save!'), one could have been forgiven for thinking there was nothing to remain excited about in the Rugby World Cup.

Neil's family in NZ may beg to disagree.

Given that the alternative result to the semi-final (an Australia win) may just have pushed the country into howling a national outcry, it was a delight to see New Zealand get to the Rugby World Cup final on home soil.

It'd be nice to see the All Blacks win...

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