Friday, February 11, 2011

Knitting update: mojo back

After the rather frustrating experience of a few weeks ago I was beginning to despair about knitting.

Never mind. With bigger needles and chunky wool (multicoloured!) I seem to have some mojo back --- I've even gone back to the small needles and wool again with some success.


Now I just need more of the funky wool and I can carry on with my plan to knit a scarf.

Yes, I'm sticking with the most basic of knitting actions (have not yet reached the point where I can purl either) but I'll be happy with that at present.


JoeinVegas said...

It looks pretty good. Glad you keep trying. (waiting for the stripes)

Virpi said...

(A long-time lurker surfaces, hello!)
Glad to see an update, was wondering how you were doing.

Your earlier post on knitting comprised a video featuring the English/American way of forming the knit stitch, with the yarn in your right hand. Have you ever tried what they call the Continental method, with the yarn in your left hand? It is an easier and less strenuous method that might fortify a wavering mojo.