Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February here already - the busy year begins

Lots of things happening from this point on: went to Stratford at the weekend and collected tickets for there for the year and there's a lot happening locally too.

  • NT live! screening of Donmar Warehouse King Lear
  • National Theatre production of Hamlet at Nottingham Theatre Royal M
  • Meal with work
  • Romeo and Juliet RSC Stratford
  • NT live! screening of National Theatre Frankenstein
  • BAAS conference
  • Cricket
  • Avenue Q at Nottingham Theatre Royal
  • Macbeth RSC Stratford
  • Merchant of Venice RSC Stratford
  • Much Ado About Nothing Wyndhams Theatre, London (ahem - not saying how many times)
  • Opera North Carmen at Nottingham Theatre Royal
  • *Belle and Sebastian* [forgot to add this!]
  • Dunsinane RSC Swan Theatre Stratford
  • The house-sitting girls' weekend away
  • Marat/Sade RSC Stratford


That's quite a lot going on (and MAAN obviously come as a recurring event). Haven't even booked for any gigs yet (and there are sure to be some) so this could get busier!

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JoeinVegas said...

Always jealous of places with so many fun things to do (as opposed to expensive casino/restaurant outings here)