Monday, February 28, 2011

Eesti Fest - Estonian Piano Orchestra - Friday 25 February 2011 King's Place, London

On Friday, Cloud and I went to see the eight-piece Estonian Piano Orchestra, with guitarist Ain Varts and percussionist Hele-Riin Uib (sadly, composer Urmas Sisask, who was due to attend and play shaman drum was unable to travel to the UK).

The evening included Jaan Rääts's Concerto for Eight Pianists on Four Pianos, Op 126 (2005); Arvo Pärt's 'For Alina' (1976); Sonatina No 2, Op 1 No 2 (1959); Variations for the 'Healing of Arinushka' (1977); 'Hymn to a Great City' (1984/2004); Peeter Vähi's 'Pianist's Internet Week' (2010); Suite for four pianos 16 hands, percussion and electric guitar; ‹lo Krigul's 'Aquaspherics' (2010); and Urmas Sisask's 'Voices of the Universe', Op 88 (2002).

WOW: what a venue (it's the building that the Guardian/Observer now live in) and WHAT an evening of virtuouso playing. Incredible sounds and visuals. Breathtaking experience.

These video clips give you a flavour.


Jane Henry said...

Did I mention my sis is going out with Norwegian Handanger player? He produces AMAZING music... Will try and track some of it down for you.

JoeinVegas said...

You went to the King's place - wow, such connections.
(seriously, I am jealous of all the fancy things you get to go to)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Awh I don't mean to make you jealous! We just like to take advantage of what there is --- as I know you have done in LV in the past. We are incredibly lucky here in the UK with what is available.

JH - that sounds incredibly interesting! Would certainly like to hear some!

Jane Henry said...

I've got a CD my sis gave me, and will try and find it & copy some onto a CD for you. Embarrassingly I can't remember his surname, otherwise I'd have looked him up. He played for us at my mum's house last year and it was magic. Also gave youngest an impromptu violin lesson.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh Jane, bless you - glad it isn't just my memory that goes!