Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being Human at Mayhem will be missed - I'll be doing Shakespeare


Had tickets booked for months to see Twelfth Night at RSC Stratford on 31st October.

And what gem does Nottingham Broadway give me at the same time?

Flipping fest of Being Human no less! ARGH!!!! Couldn't they have scheduled it for the evening so I could rush back and do both?



jams o donnell said...

A preview of teh new series? It's a huge shame that it clashes with Twelfth Night.

I am really looking forward to teh new series

jams o donnell said...

one day I'll type "the" properly!

Jane Henry said...

Oh that is so frustrating! I wish I could do both as well. Am thinking of getting tickets of Twelfth Night for the london run.