Friday, September 25, 2009

Bookshelves and storage

As we continue to succumb to the allure of new books (I've had a reading fest of books this month actually), I couldn't resist being interested in this BBC piece on bookshelves.

So why do we display rather than store away?

Well, for me at least, to be honest if I can't see it I struggle to know I have it. Visibility is everything for me. If it is visible, I can usually relocate it. If it is behind cupboard doors or in a drawer, it may as well not exist. I will completely forget that I have it.

This creates a number of storage problems, not just with books, CDs and DVDs but also clothes (since our stupid wardrobes have the bar from the back of wardrobe to the front rather than from side to side).

Anyway, I digress.

For us, display is not about ostentation - not really - but more about being able to easily pick things up for a second read or more. Lots of stuff in our collection gets read and re-read: not just practical stuff like computer book or recipe books etc, but also academic writings (for when we're writing, and sometimes that includes blog posts). And fiction will often be re-read as well, as will poetry. And I have great fun reading books about film and TV for fun, even if they are theoretical/historical texts.

Yes. We are just weird book readers.


chrissie_allen said...

Love your bookshelves I say!

rashbre said...

I might have a further burden for your shelves.

Please check here


JoeinVegas said...

I reread a lot - poor memory for the details, so it's almost a new book again. My wife usually only reads once, and quite often I go looking for one to read again and it's gone, given away.