Friday, September 25, 2009

In Praise of Spaced: 10 years on

I love Spaced. It remains one of those series that I can conjure in my mind's eye with ease, my brain cluttered with lines and images from its two short and glorious series.

It's 10 years on apparently since Space started. And I'm not alone in my love of Spaced as Anna proves.

Show your love for the show: what are your favourite moments?

Some of mine would be:
  • the Job Centre scenes about "the Phantom Menance" (in fact any mentions of TPM have me in fits -- "Sarah?" "No, George Lucas" and cue bonfire clip)
  • Amber leaving the house ("Buffy!")
  • the expressions of love for a fictional FBI agent
  • the dinner party
  • "too fruity for crows"
  • The Matrix spoofs
  • going clubbing and the A-team dance
  • Tim's drawings
  • "Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!"
  • Twist's affect on Brian's art and Marsha's moment of inspiration
  • the tank

All utterly brilliant and more besides.


Jo said...

My ringtone is the soundtrack to the Tyres ringing-phone sequence. I'll have a little think about my favourite scenes and get back to you ...

Persephone said...

The street fight over fake weed that turns into a slow-motion Peckinpah orgy of faked violence and death.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha - yes, Persephone, that's a great one: bit more like 'Platoon' by my reckoning but I guess that's because I've seen that more often than the Peckinpah stuff!

And yep, my short term memory makes me think of Tyres!

rashbre said...

Along with Black Books, I keep it on my iPod for emergency use during transport delays.

Jane Henry said...

I loved Spaced. I watched it on Friday nights when my children were very small and my husband hadn't made it back from the pub(-: I don't have your level of recall about it mainly because I was suffering from baby brain at the time, but oh would love to watch it again. Simon Pegg/Jessica Stevenson a great combo and it is a work of genius. Love it.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Agree totally that Simon and Jessica made a great time, but for heck's sake don't let her catch you using her maiden name: Jessica Hynes is very particular about not being called Jessica Stevenson any more...