Sunday, May 08, 2011

30 day song challenge - day twenty-five: song to make me laugh

Mitch Benn, when he is on form, is pretty much guaranteed to make me collapse into giggles. It's unfortunate that so many of his tracks get lost in the regularity of The Now Show, where there have been some absolute crackers.

For example, and this is one I vividly remember from its broadcast 13 April 2007: as Benn acerbically noted
"...I find myself in an uncomfortable situation this week. You see, [Manchester] United are playing Watford in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday and I really want them to win - and win decisively. Not because I've had a change of heart, but rather because the game is game is LIVE on BBC One [cue me already laughing as I was listening] and if it overruns [cue savvy audience members getting on board with what this means] there will be dire consequences schedule-wise [cue MUCH hilarity in the audience]

And even more brilliantly, that same episode of The Now Show included this brilliant analysis of Johnny Cash's house committing suicide...

Postscript: My friend George once texted me JUST as a Doctor Who episode was about to start saying 'shall I call you now?' (though he was VERY much joking, I resisted the urge to scream!). So I can definitely empathise with a songwriter who feels like this:

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